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1 Amelia, Nurviana, Fitra Muliani, Bulan Nuri Forecaseting Annual Coffee And Rubber Production In Aceh Using Exponential Smoothing
2 Arief Budi Wicaksono; Aprilia Nurul Chasanah; Yesi Franita Cognitive Growth Model To Improve Students’ Mathematical Problem Solving And Activities In Differential Calculus Course
3 Oby Andriawan; Sri Hastuti Noer The Analysis Of Mathematics Reflective Thinking Skills Of High School Students In Completing Trigonometry Problems
4 Masyurah Muzaimah; Sri Hastuti Noer Analysis Of Reflective Thinking Skill In Solving Mathematical Story Problems On Quadrilateral Material
5 Maiya Haejeli, Sri Hastuti Noer Reflective Thinking Process Of Junior High School Students In Solving The Mathematics Problem Of Triangle And Rectangular Materials Based On The Local Load.
6 Ulfiani Rahman; Fitriani Nur; Nursalam; Wahida Sariana; Thamrin Tayeb; Munawarah ; Andi Kusumayanti; Lisnasari Andi Mattoliang; Andi Dian Angriani; A.Sriyanti The Comparison Of TADIR Learning (Translation, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Review) With Integrated Islam And PBL (Problem Based Learning) Against Students' Mathematical Problem Solving
7 E Nur'aeni L; I F Apriani; N R Restiani Creating Fractals In Language Programming LOGO Through Exploration Of Mathematical Recursions Using The Scientific Calculator Casio FX 991EX Classwiz In High School
8 Nur Yuliany; Asri Juli Yana; Fitriani Nur; Megita Dwi Pamungkas; Ainul Uyuni Taufiq; Baharuddin; Jusmawati; Andi Ika Prasasti Abrar; Hafsyah; Nidya Nina Ichiana{C}{C} {C}{C} {C}{C} {C}{C} The Comparison Of Mathematical Concept Understanding Ability By Using Team Games Tournament (TGT) And Think Pair Share (TPS) Learning Models